Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Purpose and Grading System

I'm creating this blog as an offshoot from Wasatch Food to fulfill my own desire to write about the drinks I try.  My goal is not to provide definitive tasting notes as I don't have the nose to compete with the established drink bloggers.  I just want to tell you what I've tried, what I like, and why.  I would assume that my tastes will change too.  I'll fall in love with briney scotch for a few months and then leave it behind for a month of sipping tequila.  My primary interests are whisky and beer but I'm hopeful to throw in a little bit of everything.  In that vein, here's my grading system that can apply to spirits, wine or beer.

Here's the system:

  • I'm grading relative to peers - so I'm sipping a $15 bottle of whisky that stacks up well to $60 bottles, that is factored heavily into my scoring.
  • Anything above a 50 could very well have a place in my cabinet - it's all about the right drink for the occasion.  Sometimes you just need a cheap mixer.

100: I can't imagine ever giving out this grade - but it would mean perfection
93-99: This is the terrain of ultra-special sips - don't expect to see it often
88-92: This is where most of my very favorites live - but it's still a score reserved for the exceptional
82-87: Still special, but I'd be more inclined to drink than save beverages in this range
72-81: Now we are in the range of great daily drams, good wine and tasty beer
60-71: The terrain for stuff I like to drink but would probably not pick given other options
50-59: Mixers, party beer and wine, whisky for the ski lift - not bad but ordinary
Sub 50: I see serious deficiencies and would not buy again

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