Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elijah Craig 12 year Bourbon Review

I sampled this whiskey for the first time tonight and took down some notes. First, despite the relative strength at 94 proof, Elijah Wood is all about the... wood. Oak dominates the nose, the palate and the finish. That isn't a bad thing, just leaves a bit of a single dimensioned impression. I'm guessing that the mash bill has a lot of rye as well because this whiskey lacks the corn sweetness that I find in many other bargain priced bourbons and trades it for spices rye notes in the palate. I would place this right in the middle of the pack amongst $25ish bourbons - not as good as Eagle Rare and better than Bulliet.  The best thing about Elijah Wood is that it is distinctive. I would be happy to have a bottle as my mixer or for sipping straight, and the rye-forward flavor would likely make for some cool bourbonized Sazeracs, Manhattans or Juleps. Score: 64.

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