Sunday, April 21, 2013

Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA Beer Review

Tried this "white IPA" tonight and have a couple of thoughts:

  • It really isn't an IPA in the usual sense - I found Chainbreaker to be a white ale in the style of Allagash or any number of spring brews, but with some extra hops. 
  • It isn't really all that hoppy - my hop-hating wife liked it. 
  • The pilsner malt really comes out.  Think half wit beer and half pilsner and then add four varieties of hops and you're starting to get it. 
All in, this isn't my favorite style but its perfect for the right occasion, or for the dedicated hophead trying to branch out into something more appropriate for the spring season. Drink this with some fish tacos in your backyard when the weather is just barely warm enough to be enjoyable. It's a great spring beer. Score: 68.

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